green building = high performance

what is green or high performance building?

Green building also called High Performance building is more energy efficient and healthier. It is a building that has been designed and constructed using green building principals. Green building is an integrated design and building process that recognizes to build a structure that limits the use of natural resources, all elements of that structure must be synchronized. This “systems” or “building-as-a-whole” approach is what makes a green building a high performance building; a building that is efficient, improves occupant health and provides a higher return-on-investment.

Building green is also a more sustainable building process, a process that minimizes the use of natural resources during the course of construction.

Here are the primary objectives of a green building:

    • Position a building properly on the land
    • Build an energy efficient envelop
    • Optimize the use of renewable energy
    • Limit the use of natural resources
    • Improve occupant health and productivity
    • Reduce waste and pollution