Connection Depot Plan Center

 COBA's full service bid and plan center

The Plan Center includes an online invitation to bid subscription service along with a full service bid/plan center located at our office at 1051 NE 4th Street in Bend. 

The Connection Depot Plan Center gives contractors, trades and suppliers an online invitation to bid web portal where you can "connect" with business on projects and a consumer oriented website and directory called "Connection Depot" which will allow you will be able to connect with consumers.

Plan Center benefits: 

At COBA we work for you and we're a non-profit so our prices and services are based on value, not profit margins.

Full service Bid and Plan Center 

When you become a COBA member you’re essentially hiring an extra team to be looking for jobs and permits for you every week, helping to free up some of your valuable time so you can go out and work on or bid the jobs.

More Job Opportunities 

Open to bid projects. The Connection Depot Plan Center already has residential homes for bid representing nearly every category of work in the building process with more coming on line. There are many commercial jobs posted as well because COBA has members that do both and want opportunities to bid on both. 

Private projects - Within the Connection Depot Plan Center invitation to bid system, you have the ability to view and track projects as well as get your name in front of working contractors. While we can't guarantee that participating contractors will get invited to bid every job, our members will have the opportunity to bid open jobs almost every month in nearly every category of work. When there's building activity you'll be in the know and on the list to bid!

Permit information - The Connection Depot Plan Center also provides permit and project information for hundreds of permits and projects from all over Oregon and parts of Washington and Idaho. An important goal of COBA is to bring traded sector income home to Central Oregon.


Lower printing cost

COBA members get discount pricing on printing and reproduction of plans. See our price list. 

24/7 web based access and Hosted documents

Whether you are in Bend working late or on the road in another state, you can keep track of your projects and project opportunities through the web-based invitation to bid system.  This 24/7 access means that the project plans and the project documents hosted on Connection Depot Plan Center are available to you anytime, anywhere! 

Lower administrative cost, more efficient project management 

As a contractor, you don't have to spend time tracking down subcontractors contact information, it is available to you in an easy to use on-line directory.  You can find subcontractors, research CCB status and create on-line invitations to bid with a few easy clicks.  In addition, you can host project plan documents and make them available to your project invitees. Last, but not least you have access to permit and open to bid projects and you can convert an open to bid project into a private project in just one click!

As a subcontractor, when you update your Connection Depot Plan Center profile your information is immediately available to the whole membership base.  This makes it easy and quick to change your cell phone or project contacts.  In addition, you can access all of your invitations and see your bid responses in an easy to use "My Invitations" window.

 Since we are a non-profit trade association our members get the best deals we can give you saving you money and that’s one of the key reasons COBA exists.