May 2​4, 2016 - New training and new functionality are now available

- New ​Training Videos

- New General Contractor Functionality & Enhancements 

- New Technical Support access


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New Training Videos

New plan center training videos are now available for both General Contractors and Subcontractors & Suppliers!  ​

To access these videos, simply log into the plan center and click the "help" button located in the top right hand corner of the window.

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 General Contractor Videos:

  • Title: My Projects - Create a Project - This video will walk you through how to create a project and invite bidders using the My Projects tabs. This video details the My Projects tab including question notifications, bid status, project details, dates & meetings, documents and adding subcontractors.    

  • Title:  My Subcontractor Tab (new feature) - This video will walk you through how to use the My Subcontractors feature. The My Subcontractors tab allows you to create lists of frequently used subcontractors. By spending a few minutes setting up your commonly used subs, you’ll save time on each project as the My Subcontractors lists are easily accessed while you’re creating a project.  

  • Title:  My Projects - Q&A - This video will walk you through how to respond to a subcontractor's question. Questions and answers are available to all bidders in the category listed. Answering questions is easy and promptly responding will keep your project on the fast track!    

  • Title:  My Projects - Managing Bid Responses - This video will walk you through how to view and manage subcontractor bids.  The Bid Response screen has been reworked to be much easier to use!

 Subcontractor & Supplier Videos:

  • Title: WelcomeThis video provides subcontractors with a quick overview of the Online Plan Room and its key features, including the ability to efficiently and securely exchange project information, view plans and submit bids

  • Title: My Profile SetupThis video will walk you through how to setup your company profile using the My Profile tab.

  • Title: My Invitation OverviewThis video will walk you through how to find the required information to respond to your bid request using the My Invitations tabs.

  • Title: Creating a Bid ResponseThis video will walk you through how to respond to a bid invitation using the Bid Response feature. This feature is very important, because it's how you’ll communicate your response to bid invitations.

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New Contractor Functionality & Enhancements

- New  - My Subcontractors Tab - The "My Subcontractors" tab replaces the Distribution List functionality that was embedded in the My Projects screen.  It allows you to create list of your most frequently used or favorite subcontractors.  There is a new training video that will walk you through using the My Subcontractors functionality.

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- ​Enhanced Bid Response Screen format - The My Projects->Bid Responses screen has been reworked to allow quicker access to your bids.

- New - Create Project workflow  - The My Projects -> Create Project workflow has been reworked to allow for a more intuitive flow.  A new tab labeled "Subcontractors" has been added so that you can easily see and manage the subcontractors on the project.   The Communications tab is now solely used for creating communications to the Subcontractors.  Watch the Create a Project video for a detailed walk through of the new functionality!

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New Technical Support Request Functionality 

You are now able to log technical support request via the Contact Us link.

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